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What composes those 2 and 3 out 5 stars...nothing. You'll have to read the review and compare for yourself. That Christian Seabaugh on the Motortrend reviews is a real tool. I comment in the readers section that have suspended that the seat backs in my friend's Range Rover, that gets close to $80,000, has plastic front seat backs. Allot of those tests are best on MSRP which nobody pays.

The Consumer Reports video complains about the Envision handling and then goes onto gush over the Jaguar F-Pace handling. When I review CR'S handling test the Envision has the same collision avoidance speed as....you guessed it....the Jaguar.

If you don't want to spend more for 2016 Premium l or ll (middle $30's under 10,000 miles), there is usually someone on cars or autotrader selling brand 2017 Essence for $10,000 off MSRP. Or about $27,000. No amount of sound deadening on a $19,000 cuv is going match the Buick on quietness and price.

2016 Envision Prem ll
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