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2018 Envision Tires - Good for Winter?

Can somebody share their experiences with the factory Hankook Summer All Season Tires that are on the vehicle with Winter driving?

The owners manual suggests switching to a winter tire for better traction. I then went to a tire review website and looked up this tire. It states that it is a good Summer and wet weather tire with solid traction and control. Then the review went on to say how cold weather traction and control, (below 40 degrees F), is not so good. The review suggested using an All Season tire rated better for Winter driving or switching to Winter tires.

I am considering buying Winter tires and switching back and forth each year. A little frustrating that I may have to do this with an AWD car. Typically AWD in a Cross Over is for Wintery type driving. I would expect a tire which is designed for the seasonal extremes.

I appreciate any input on this topic before I buy tires - Garby
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Hi I subscribe to Consumer Reports (and find them helpful in making purchase decisions) and you got me thinking - here is the low down overall:

Highs - Excellent dry braking and hydroplaning resistance, a quiet tire
Lows - Fair snow traction

Dry braking - excellent
Wet braking - good
Handling - very good
Hydroplaning - excellent
Snow traction - fair
Ice braking - good
Ride comfort - fair
Noise - very good
Rolling resistance - very good
There are 40 user reviews that net a 2+ (looks like less than 1/2) star rating of 5
Tested life 45K

Although I suspect I will not need tires for sometime (2018 / 4,500 miles) I probably will opt for an alternate brand at the time of changing. In the interim this year I will be winter (NJ) driving carefully until I fully understand the tires capabilities in the colder weather. Do not know where you live but you need to consider carefully depending upon the amount of driving and requirements thereof. To me however, getting another set of tires is just a whole layer of additional expense and where to store the other set, and do you order additional rims...
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I really do like the Hankook Noble tires on our 2016 Premium. They offer excellent grip in the wet and dry that really match the handling and torque vectoring AWD. But when temps drop into the 40's F they do tend to slide around more when pushed and slip a bit in snow compared to a non-High Performance All Season tire. Which is a trade off when equipping a vehicle with a well matche tire for most conditions.

With AWD you'll never get stuck in almost any road conditions but a dedicated snow tire would be unstoppable.
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Garby, we did not have any problems with the stock tires on our 2018 Premium II during the past Minnesota winter. Personally, I think getting a set of winter tires is a waste of money. If the temperature gets down to -40° I'm staying home!
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The dark wheels have Michelin Pilot Alpin on 18" wheel. Should be a fun winter!
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It is always good to inspect your tires while they are off the vehicle. Tires pressures were dropping maybe a psi per month but since it is cold tire pressures normally drop.
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