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Sticking your neck out there on a foreign car like me! I had a 1997 Regal GS 3800SC but went Saab and Mercedes for the Euro appeal and feel.

Now Buick is mostly Opel and Saab is gone I've been in love with Buick since my Verano (Opel Astra) and Buick Encore (Opel Mokka ) with their turbo-4's it was a no brainer on the Envision regardless where it is assembled. Especially with Ecotec 2.0T and Twin Active Clutch AWD.

Though the critics can say all they want it is the Envision that beats the Equinox and Terrain 2.0T in MT figure-8 handling and braking to a stop from 60 along Consumer Reports Emergency Lane Change test with a class leading 55.5 mph that smokes Mercedes and BMW and matches Porsche Macan.

The 32.5 mph at 65 mph is just the cherry on the cake!

2016 Envision Prem ll
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