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I have had my 2018 Buick Envision for less than a month, I have an android phone so it's not just an iphone problem, and I have the same issue. It will not recognize my voice. I say " Call mom on mobile or call mom mobile" and it asks me if I want to call Matt ******, or Marissa ***** or my home number, or sometimes it asks if I want the radio, or maps. It is SO FRUSTRATING!! I had a Buick Enclave for 5 years before this and the voice recognition worked flawlessly. So, this morning on the way to work, after going through the same old routine with the dang thing, I tried talking to it in a lower tone of voice, more like a mans voice. It has worked every time if I do that. I guess my car doesn't like my voice, or a women's voice. Go figure. :/
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