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After doing quite a bit of reading about it, mind you I am not an engineer, the 9 speed is supposed to provide a negligible increase in gas mileage and a second or two betterment of the 0-60 performance run which if you read different publications the 6 speed 2.0 provided anywhere from 7.1 to 7.8 seconds. The increase in torque should provide an added boost in low speed take off and perhaps make the car feel peppier. We have an '18 2.0 and it seems to have a very good feel across the power range. The 9 speed is supposedly a stronger transmission that can handle more power hence the bump from 260 to 295 in torque. The Buick probably received it first since 1 - it was in a mid cycle refresh and 2 - the other GM models got the 9 speed last year, we need some differentiation here. When I compared the '18 to '19 what was most important to me is safety, reliability, comfort and cost. The '18 checked off each box with the '19 higher in cost ('18 with incentives). In addition, the 9 speed is relatively new and the 6 speed has already been heavily utilized across the models of two major manufacturers and has proven reliability. May sound crazy but I always buy a car 4-5 years into the design. By that time any true issues have surfaced and should be resolved by the manufacturer. The '18 is 5 years in having a proven track record (even if offshore) won the JDPower award in its category as well as is an IIHS best pick in crash testing. Therefore, even with both on the lot the comparison came down to the better value in the '18 model for me.
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