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I brought my Envision in for an oil change and at the same time, they were going to check the vehicle for the wobbling issue. Mike wanted to keep the car for the full day and gave me a loaner, a '19 Envision with the 2.5L engine and cloth interior. Yes, my experience for the day is the seats on the '19 heat faster and are warmer than the ones in my '18. I was further surprised the '19 rode better and was quieter than the '18 and attributed to the Michelins vs. the Hankook tires on my car but it may be the suspension as well since both cars have two different types. I also noted a number of small subtle changes, the turn signal sounds are more subdued and the indicators for gear selection on the console were brightened with D being a bright Green and the rest a bright Orange/Red, mine on the '18 are all yellow. I also thought that the 2.5 was perfectly adequate in moving the car around, of course, this is contrary to many of the car testing entities I have read. I did not have any issues with merging on and off or passing others on I287 which is very hilly where I live and drive adding an extra burden to the engine in climbing uphill often while trying to merge onto or pass other vehicles. So after this long dissertation, my '18 has heated seats that I am happy with that go on automatically and those who opt to get a new '19 will be pleasantly surprised that the improvements make an already super vehicle even better.
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