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Just a little update. Well, the car is up to a little over 10K miles now and I have tried numerous types (regular, mid and high-grade versions) and brands of gasoline (all name brands, I checked the GM site for authorized brands). I really feel the performance is best with the high octane fuel even though I am not a hard driver. The car is smoother, has more pep and I hear no engine noise (pinging or otherwise). The upside is I generally get about 25-28 all around driving mileage. The downside is the premium that I have been buying is between $1 to $1.20 more than regular a gallon. Shell today $3.549 @10.397 gallons nets $36.90 which included a $.05 savings per gallon with the Shell card. Still, I am spending less than I did when I had the 3.6L V6 and the performance is almost as good with far better mileage so I fill up far less often.
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