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Originally Posted by NormT View Post
How is the acceleration of the turbo-4 vs thr H6? Not sure if there is elevation involved.
The 2013 Subaru Legacy 3.6R and the 2018 Envision Premium II I own (2.0L turbo) have about the same acceleration. The Subaru is rated at 7.0 seconds in most tests, the Envision is about 6.5 to 7.0 seconds depending who tests it, or very close. Both are more than adequate for merging on short ramps on to highways. The elevation is about 250 feet above sea level where the highway is located. I don't do hard acceleration on top of the mountain where I live, about 650 feet above sea level (base of mountain about 100 feet above sea level). Hope that helps.

Note that in 2020 Subaru will no longer sell the H6, just the H4 and the H4 turbo themselves running on premium. It is the way the industry is going (the new turbo from Subaru will generate the same power as the discontinued H6, but will weigh less so accelerate faster most likely).

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