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Vehicle locks with key left in

Several times we have had the 2018 Buick Envision lock with the key in the vehicle. The beeps did not happen and it was a good thing we had the other key fob outside the vehicle. I don't think this should happen, correct ? Is there a setting that is screwed up ?
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I know that on my 2017 it will lock when I walk away with the fob in my pocket when my girlfriend leaves her purse with fob in the car. The remote start will not work in this situation. It's been awhile since we've done this, and I seem to recall the car double honking as it locks.
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If I close the door with a key in the car it "chirps" at me. That is all it does. It does not honk, it is just a very brief beep. I tested this again to make sure I got this right with two key fobs - one in the car, one on me, and that is what it does. So it does make a noise, but it is not prolonged. The doors lock after a few minutes if I walk away. If I stay with the car the doors don't lock. I think this is so the car won't get stolen.
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Thank you pals for the reply, i would do the same and hire a local locksmith near to get the new key.
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My car did this, but I went into the menu and changed the setting for passive lock and turned it off. I have not had an issue since. Hope this helps!
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