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Originally Posted by vic1212 View Post
I think people will eventually get over it. I mean look at Encore, it's built in Korea. Not that many people like it at first, but look at where it is now?
Originally Posted by Gerald View Post
Edmunds has it at 3.7/5 and cars.usnews.com has it at 8.1/10, car&driver gave a pretty straightforward and not "negative" verdict on it, NHTSA has it rated very well for safety and so does IIHS.

Look beyond just stars and read the content of the reviews and you'll see it's really not that bad.
Valid point on timing since for all we know these could get worse as owners clear the break in threshold and into a point they're racking up some good mileage. SO FAR, face value of the Envision is of no concern but what we'll learn in the coming weeks and months (or now from current owners with good mileage) is whats interesting.

Owners, please leave feedback.
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