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Originally Posted by TSS View Post
This is a very minor issue, and I don't know that I would call it a complaint. But in our Enclave, the second row bucket seats flipped up which provided for a flatter cargo area. The cargo area in the Envision isn't quite as flat. Not really a big deal to me, but just something I noticed.
I bought a 4x8 piece of 5/8" plywood (can't remember the type of was a little higher quality than typical plywood), cut it to fit perfectly in the cargo area, and then wrapped it in black felt (typically used for box speakers). My cargo area is flat now! Plus, it offers a nice layer of protection when I'm hauling stuff.

The gap you see is due to the cargo mat between the back of the seat and the board.

OCD example #1.

OCD example #2:

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You did a great job on that. We do have occasion to use the back seat though From time to time, so it would be out most of the time. And like I said, it's not the end of the world, And we don't do much hauling, but as compared with the Enclave, it's a difference.
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I don't have it in there most of the time. Only put it when I have to haul stuff. It easily slips in and out and then I just keep the board standing against a wall in our garage. :-)
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Oh, and I have cardboard inserts (cut to size/shape) from a mini fridge box that I use to protect the interior walls when the board is in place. :-)
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Likes/Dislikes Envision 2017 and 2019
#IWORKFORGM IT and I own a 2017 Premium Envision 2017 and have had a 2019 for some time so here are what I found:

In general: The higher trims are on expensive side and as an ex-skeptic of the auto stop technology, I should say it works pretty responsive and good on the envision

- Seat does not go low enough, so a tall person will have very hard time adjusting to their seat
- Brakes does not work very well (Buick encore is way worst), but Envision also does not come to a full stop like other cars. It feels like the first half a inch of brake pedal going down does not engage the brakes at all
- Engine could have been peppier
- Side Mirrors are round (much better in new Enclaves) - Also turn signal is so loud

Likes (in comparison): Front lights look better, front Grill looks better, tail looks is OK, **Brakes feel much better**, not sure but I felt as if the seat was a bit more comfortable as in adjusting it lower, Auto stop/start button/option available, steering column surrounding feel more premium
- The light where it shows the gear (P,N,..) is some kind of pink color now instead of Amber!
- Driver dash looks bad - the nice screen from previous model is gone, getting replaced with a tiny screen most other Chevys have. New Gauges looks very old
- I felt that I could hear the engine louder - not sure if it's because of engine trying to do better comparing to 2017 or the insulation was not as good
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2017 essence

The touch screen area to raise and lower temperature and the heated seats button, it doesnt like my fingers, but loves everyone elses. Have to press hard and slow to recognize. Miss a dial

No s/s turn off feature.

Those are my only cons
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1. Awful infotainment design. I miss all the logos, album covers & art found on others systems.
2. Car was nearly $40k when new but didn't include the lane depart, head on collision and so forth that the $30k Terrain has?
3. Passenger window should also have 1-touch like the drivers side
4. Stupidly small glove box for a car of this size
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Forgot to mention - 2018 Envision Essence, 4WD, Leather int.
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In addition to being annoying, the start stop puts additional wear and tear on the starter, battery and bearings and pistons.
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