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Considering Buying An Envision

Hi, just joined to get some comparison between the Envision, Equinox & Terrain.

Does the Envision ride like a typical Buick ride? We're old folks and like the softer ride of the Buick compared to our Acadia.

Any likes dislikes, I know this could be highly subjective.

Would be looking at an FWD. Is there much difference other than the engines between the AWD Premium II and the FWD Essence?

Is the 2.4L engine OK over the 2.0 Turbo?

Sorry, I posted this twice, still trying to figure out the forum ins and outs.

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Buick ride quality

We have a 17 AWD Envision Essence (mid range Envision) with leather seats. It is quite comfortable around town and on the highway. We have the 2.5/4 cyl in our car. It does what is necessary without issues, seems a little buzzy but most 4 cyl engines do. Take note, the the 2.0 turbo requires premium fuel, a $.30-.60/gallon hit around here. I don't see the necessity. We are really enjoying the car. It is quiet, comfortable, and has the room we need. It is a setting that can be on/off, but if you have the heated seats, they can come on automatically when the temperature outside is down to the low 40"s. I at first thought something was wrong, but actually found it to be very nice. Often didn't use the heat.
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Thanks, test drove a 2.0 Terrain Denali didn't think it was buzzy. For as little we drive premium wouldn't be a concern, plus on the Equinox/Terrain forum owners are using 89 with no problems.
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Fuel information

I have a 2017 Premium II with the 2.0 turbo. I regularly use 89 octane and see no difference from higher octanes. I asked the service manager and he said use whatever works for you. It is very peppy with the 89 and I find it hard to distinguish between it and the V-6's I have had. I have had the car 2 years next month and have never had it back to the dealer except for service. As for the heated seats coming on, there is a setting for that(along with about a thousand other settings). You can turn off that feature. The car is very quiet and has a comfortable ride. I don't know about the others you have driven but I would recommend the Envision. I had a Toyota Venza prior to the Envision and I much prefer the Envision.
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It's a shame that the Premium I & II only come in AWD, but from what I'm reading is that the newer AWDs are basically FWD until you put it in AWD. Living in Upstate SC we don't get much snow and if we do everything closes down until it melts, plus the wife won't drive in it now. . The wife likes some of the features that are only available on the Premium II
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I've got a 2017 Essence FWD with the 2.5. My mom just bought a 2019 Equinox Premier with the 2.0 Turbo.

I got to drive her Equinox not long after she got it and took her on a 6 hour drive to my home, a trip I've made a few times with my Buick, so i got a great opportunity to compare the two cars.

I like the interior of the Buick better. The dash is covered in leather where the Equinox is hard plastic. I think the Buick rides slightly better, and I find my seat more comfortable, although that could be because I've spent more time adjusting it to fit me best.

I get much better gas mileage with the 2.5 than the 2.0 Turbo. I use my trip computer to show my best mileage over 50 miles, and on the trip down the mountain from my mom's in my car I got over 45 MPG (best 50 miles). The 2.0 Turbo I wound up just over 36. By the time I got home, my car will be near 34 MPG for the trip, the 2.0T Equinox was under 30. Same driver, same trip.

The Equinox Premium does have all of the latest in driver assistance, including lane keep assist, adaptive cruise control and brake assist. I got to play with these features on the Equinox. One of the things I found using the adaptive cruise is that I didn't pay as close of attention since I knew the car would maintain following distance. I noticed that if traffic in the right lane fell far below where I had set the cruise I wouldn't be aware of it right away.

The vibrating seat indication for vehicles near the vehicle was odd and startling. It always made me wonder if there was a problem with the car at first as I sensed a problem with the car ("what's that vibration in the driveline") versus recognizing the nature of the warning. I think I would have gotten used to it with enough time.

I did like the headlights on the Chevy Equinox Premium, but I think these are standard on all of the Envisions now, as well as the 9 speed transmission. Although I did not notice any real driving differences between the 6 speed I have and the 9 speed on the Equinox.

I also drove a GMC Terrain SLT Diesel when they first came out. I really liked the car, and the test drive is what got me looking to replace my 2012 Cadillac SRX (same car my mom replaced as well). I liked the outside styling a bit more on the Terrain, but the Buick was a left over 2017 with a huge discount, and since I liked both vehicles about the same, I went with the Buick.

Long term, for me, I think the Buick was the best choice. And the dealer had one in red with the tan interior, which is what I really wanted. I'm tired of silver / gray cars, and wanted some color. If Buick had offered a Blue I might have wanted that, and the Equinox is available in a sharp looking blue.

At the end of the day, the Envision, Equinox and Terrain are all good cars, each with slightly different character. To go slightly more upscale the cadillac XT4 is worth a look as well.
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Trilo_O, thanks for your input, We got spoiled with our Enclave's ride, the Acadia is just a little stiffer. The Enclave was jut too big for our needs once our son decided to transfer to and stay in ElPaso, TX rather than Fort Campbell, KY and our other got a divorce and his wife .& daughter weren't going to be going out with us. We got the Acadia so our older friends could use the 3rd row seats when we go out but now they're having a hard time climbing back there. So the next CUV is going to be a little smaller for just one other couple.

For the amount we drive mpgs really isn't a concern, but power is for the times we drive down to the VA hospital in Columbia, SC. The wife is the main driver and she won't notice anything with the trans unless something is very noticeable.

I was intrigued with the XT4 until I did a 'Build & Price' and it was 50K+
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For my mom, the XT4 shifter and the control knob on the console for the audio just wasn't going to work. Too complex for an 82 year old.

I know that some testers wanted the 2.0 Turbo because of it's extra power, but at 197 Horsepower, the Envision has never felt underpowered.
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We'll have to give both a test drive to see if she can feel any difference, most likely have to go to 2 dealers, ours doesn't have any Premium IIs on his lot, but he does have XT4s.. Maybe he'll offer a fantastic deal on an XT4 (wishful thinking).
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We have an '18 Envision Premium I. I have also driven (as a loaner) the '19 Envision Essence with the 2.5L engine. Our Envision is 1 Year old on May 25 this year and has about 14,500 miles.

Have had no issues other than the wobble in another post but the dealer was very good about remediating it. No other problems or issues.

Very happy with the car, ride, handling, comfort, look, feel, steering, (we traded a '14 Equinox), Fit and finish is excellent

What I would have liked was a little more space, the car is shorter than the '14 but it held more.

Premium II has a 2.0L engine as ours, it has far more equipment than the Essence, however, I think the Essence road better on the '18 Michellins vs. the '19 Hankook tires on our car. Also, the suspension set up is different on the Essence vs. Prem I & II

With the 2.0L I purchase premium fuel. I was not happy with the way ours ran on regular when I tried it (GM recommends premium due to the higher compression ratio). The Essence should run fine on Regular as it is a naturally aspired 2.5L lower compression ratio.

Of all the cars I've owned I like this the best.
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