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Envision vs. Kia Sorento SXL

After test driving and researching most of the SUV/CUV options, chose Envision with Q5 the closest runner up. Ventilated seats and 360 camera were must have features.
Changed from Sorento as Kia has changed the configuration of the current Sorento SXL top trim (no 2.0 turbo, no 2 row seating and several other irritating changes).
Here's a list of features where Buick beats Kia (not in any particular order).
1. HUD
2. Cooled, not just ventilated, seats
3. DRL's (still not on Sorento)
4. AWD standard
5. Spare wheel inside vehicle
6. Rain sense wipers
7. Lock/unlock from all 4 doors
8. Self park
9. 3 zone a/c
10. Safety alert driver seat
11. Driver storage cubby
12. Gas filler on passenger side with no gas cap to screw/unscrew
13. Auto close tailgate
14. Sliding rear seats
15. Puddle lights
16. Pano roof and shade has separate controls
17. 2 stage dome lights
18. Remote pre start
19. Active lane keep assist
20. Auto stop/start
21. Bass tone from sound system
22. Rear seat release inside tailgate
23. Frameless rear view mirror
24. Illuminated homelink buttons
Then my subjective likes.
1. Suspension/ride comfort - absorbs bumps that were very pronounced in Sorento
2. Dead pedal size and position
3. Ambient lighting (prefer over Kia red)
4. Shifter feel
5. Right leg comfort
6. Center console with split cover
7. Smooth transmission
8. Quiet cabin
9. Well lit cargo area at night
10. Easier entry/exit step in/out due to slightly narrower vehicle width
Features I miss from Sorento
1. Surround cam picture quality/clarity is really poor compared to Kia. Have had TSB 16-NA-357 performed and although images are now better and less grainy, and adequate for purpose, the clarity is disappointing.
2. Hard drive music storage
3. Black headliner
4. Power door mirrors that turn in when you lock the vehicle (great visual if you need to look back and check that you locked the car)
5. Power door mirrors that you can turn in if using a car wash
6. Temperature adjustment and heated/cooled seat controls - hard buttons/knobs or haptic feedback would correct this
7. Power thigh extender
8. Larger sunvisors. Have already noticed large areas for sun infiltration between front visors. Gap between pass. seat and rearview mirror impacts driver
That's my list after a week of driving. Will add/update over time if I notice other items.
Still think the Kia is a great vehicle, but Buick offers many more features that appeal to me.

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