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  1. Buick Envision General Discussion Forum
    a year ago we bought an Encore GX ST for our daughter and it has all 3 of these features - blind spot, rear parking assist, cross traffic alert. I drove it for a few weeks before we gave it to her as a gift. We enjoyed that car and used those 3 features each time we drove! We were looking at...
  2. Buick Envision General Discussion Forum
    Hi, I just bought my 2022 envision avenir with a moonroof. Does anyone hear any high-pitched noise coming out from the roof control panel when once the car is turned on?
  3. 2017+ Buick Envision Reviews
    Well, our 2018 Envision Premium I is coming up on the year 4 anniversary, May 25th, and Bumper to Bumper warranty expiration, we have about 44,500 miles in total. Truth be told the car has been trouble free and I am still very happy with the vehicle. We just had it in for an oil change, I...
  4. Searched the South for my new Buick

    As you know, the car dealerships are experiencing a real shortage of new cars. And used cars are fetching a premium. I went online and searched for an Envision within 300 miles, and found one in Houston, one in Natchez, MS, and one in Houma LA. So I decided to settle for the 'blue' one in Houma...
  5. Buick Envision General Discussion Forum
    Hey all! Longtime lurker now posting. I am very interested in a '21 Envision but wanted to get a sense for what year/trim you all had, how many miles are on it, and any major issues you've encountered. Seems like most are happy but appreciate any insights on if you'd buy another! Thanks.
1-5 of 5 Results