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Hello all. New to forum and I can't seem to find an answer anywhere or obtain good advice from the dealership to the following:

- AutoStop is not working despite several hours of highway driving and in moderate temperatures. Also experienced all lights on the dash coming on and going off while driving but experienced no loss of power or any other effects I could tell.

- Took to dealership for diagnostics, which of course showed no errors. They did replace the battery, which fixed the problem.....for 4 days. Now, it's back to a non-functioning AutoStop. Dealership thinks it maybe a faulty sensor.

Question: If this is indeed a faulty sensor, would there be any harm in NOT replacing it? I have to say I am not in love with the AutoStop feature,and it has been nice not having to deal with it. However, if it is harmful to the car, I will have it replaced.

Any thoughts appreciated!
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