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Hello Forum,

I own a 2019 Buick Envision. The A/C recently started smelling. I looked under the vehicle for a drip indicating the drain line location so that I could make an attempt to clean it out. I figured that even if it was plugged I would still get a small drip. NOTHING... Not a single drip. So I could not find the evaporator condensation drain line underneath the vehicle.

I purchased some Lubeguard KOOL-IT at O'Reilly Auto Parts. There are 2 options: dispense up into drain line OR dispense down into A/C vents. Because I could not locate the drain line under the car, I dispensed into the center A/C vents inside the vehicle. I let the chemical do its work for 15 minutes and then I turned on the engine and A/C. Low and behold the condensation almost immediately started dripping. So I looked under the vehicle and see the drips, but I still CANNOT see the drain tube. I even see that some of the metal is rusting where the drip exits, but I still cannot see the drain line. Maybe I am not looking at the right angle? Is the drain tube inside of a hollow structural member of the frame? Maybe broken off? The condensation is dripping front the right side of the vehicle just behind the right front wheel well.

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