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Hello All!

I saw the mud at the bottom of the door as well after driving down a muddy road! WOW!

You may already be aware of the following quirks and perks, but here goes!


On page 142 of our owner’s manual, there is an interesting icon. It shows a fuel pump with a price flag over it. I remember seeing it on one of the many Envision Review videos I watched, and wondered how I can get it to show up on my map.

I called OnStar and they suggested going to the dealer (LOL :LOL:). So I did some more research and found nothing. A few months later I called OnStar again and this time, the young lady on the phone went through the owner’s manual with me, we tried some map preference settings, and we discussed the Icon I mentioned. She noticed that on page 147 the owners manual mentioned Smart Fuel Station Icons - that displayed when the vehicle is low on fuel.

SO, I did something that I rarely do and that is let the fuel run LOW!? Well, when it hit 50 Miles to Empty, the Fuel Prices did show up on the Map Fuel Icons! See Picture.

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There is a way you can check fuel prices without waiting for the fuel to run low. This is assuming that the fuel price functionality is part of the 3-year OnStar Subscription I paid $,$$$ for in the price of the car. It would be neat if there was a map preference that turned this feature ON always. When You see a gas station you like in the list, touch it and the navigation will load it as a destination or add a STOP on your destination. ~Cool! 😎 I use the built-in Navigation for around town, and Google Maps when on the road, mainly because I prefer the satellite view.

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Here is another Quirk.

We have a full HD touch screen in our cars, but when using the USB functionality, there is almost no Album Art. This is a sore spot for me; mainly because I spent hours updating thousands of MP3's album art, artist info, etc., but the album art is not shown. I only saw it when Browsing Artists and then Artist Songs on the USB stick.

Album Art is shown when using Apple Car play, so I do not see why GM would remove it because of concerns about distracted driving. After 45 years on the road, I never crashed into the back of a dump truck because I was admiring the Sirius-XM channel logos on the screen. :LOL:

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