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2021 Envision Red, 39,350 miles and loving it

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We use our Envision for road trips now, instead of the big Enclave. Recently got 30 mpg, at 75 MPH on 3-hour trip. Using Mid-grade Chevron gas, it's about 11c/mile. The roads in Louisiana are straight and flat. It is comfortable, big enough for 4 adults (really!) and rock-steady. I wish it were a little quieter; the road noise makes it hard to have conversations with my soft-spoken wife. So she does crossword puzzles on her iPad and I listen to radio. The Enclave is now for carrying grandchildren around town in car seats. LOL.
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Thanks for your impressions, I thought the Envision was a quite vehicle on the road but I always have the radio on. Next time I'll have a good listen.
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