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A/C condensation water problem

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Anyone having a problem with the water that collects when running the A/C not draining out properly. Seems like when ever we get home and part in the garage or wherever a big flood of water drains out from under the front of the car near the left wheel well. Called the dealer they said it was normal. Have had many cars over the last 45 years and I have never had one to have this much water run out after engine shutdown. Just wondering if anyone else has had this happen to them and how they fixed it.... 2017 Envision
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Mine sweated pretty good today as it was reading 96-97° on the road and a big wet spot underneath too. That means it is working well and it the A.C. does work well on black car with black interior. Lighter colored cars might have too .ugh of a problem getting and keeping cool.
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