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A good choice?

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Hey everyone, new to the forum and just wanted to introduce myself. I'm currently on the market for a new SUV/ crossover. This segment is so overwhelmingly crowded, its easy to get lost in the options. I've owned a few Buick vehicles in the past and was always quite satisfied with them. Am I crazy to be considering this truck or have you guys been happy with the purchase? Hoping to learn more as I drown in alternatives.
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I like the Buick lineup for its subtle styling, luxury car warranty, and most features for the dollar. The MSRP can be a little overwhelming but the discounting and incentives can make it more paliable.
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What other vehicles are you considering at this moment?
Buy it.

I have always said if you like the looks of a vehicle and like the way it drives, then buy it. There are always good and bad reviews of almost all vehicles. I have had my Envision 8 months and have had no issues. It is a pleasure to drive and I get compliments on the looks. What else could you ask?
I own a 2017 Prem II AWD 2.0T and a Lincoln MKC AWD 2.0T - pluses and minuses to both, the Lincoln has better acceleration and feels a bit larger but the Buick handles better and it's infotainment/car info system is easier to use.
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