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Added Hitch Receiver, and Tow Wiring - Easy! 2019

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Bought and Installed the Draw-Tite hitch Receiver. It was so simple, I won't even elaborate. It is a 30 minute job if you have a pair of ramps to raise the rear up, have a large socket set, and a torque wrench.

Also bought the aftermarket 'factory wiring kit' (comes with the factory plug to the 4-pin, and two relays) Again; laughably simple done in 20 minutes. If the relays get annoying- purchasing higher quality compatible relay will make the sound much less noticeable.

The most hilarious thing about all of this is the 'towing wiring' prep are just the addition of 4 ft of wire and two relays. Most cars these days need reprogramming to send power to the tow wires.This plug, plug, plug and play was a big relief.

I'll be towing my 500lb camper, along with an array of rental trailers to move appliances or general landscaping mulch.
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Wheel Tire Sky Car Vehicle

Not a bad lil' tractor.
Tows 500lbs easy peasy. 2.5L n/a does really well with this tiny trailer.
Stops like a dream.

The tow wiring kit has two annoying relays which click all the time; Solution (short of ordering a solid-state-relay x2 for $40 each) is to un-plug the relays when done towing, and leave them in a tiny baggie inside the fuse box housing.
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