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automatic rear brakeing

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My user name is golden01.I have a question.Many new cars today have automatic front braking,but very few have automatic"rear braking" (ex: some Cadillac models") I have read in both buick manuals that if you have adaptive cruise control you automaticly have automatic front braking.In the Cadillac owners manual it states that if you have adaptive cruise control,you also have automatic-front and rear braking. MY QUESTION IS. DO ALL CARS WITH AUTOMATIC BRAKING HAVE BOTH FRONT AND REAR AUTOMATIC BRAKING,BUT THE REAR BRAKING IS NOT ACTIVATED? Hope some of you know the answer.I am driving a 2014 buick lacrosse prem 1 awd.
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Not sure what year you have but here is a cheat sheet that may help.

Not all adaptive cruise control systems are created equal and since your lacrosse is an older model, it may not have automatic rear braking like the newer cars.
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