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Buick Envision: Taking The Stress Out Of Driving

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As a compact luxury SUV, Buick’s 2017 envision is perfect for city driving and long road trips, but like all driving there are stressors that we can all do without. Buick released two videos showing Envision owners how they overcome road trip stiffness and exterior noises.

Their first featurette showcases the refined and quiet cabin of the luxury SUV. Buick teamed up with sonotherapist Jarrod Mayer and reiki practitioner Melody Balczon to create a soothing cabin environment when the sounds of our day-to-day lives becomes overwhelming.

One of the biggest contributors to its quiet cabin is QuietTuning, an engineering process that’s exclusive to Buick. It’s a group of features that works together to provide drivers with a relaxing experience and it includes noise blocking acoustic-laminated glass, active noise cancellation to counteract engine noise, sound shielding doors and advanced engine noise isolation.

Or if you’re one for long road trips, then the second video is for you. As comfortable as the Envision seats are, including the rear passenger seats with ample legroom, long trips can still take a toll on the body. That’s why Buick enlisted the help of fitness guru Akin Akman and model Nina Agdal to produce a stretch routine that drivers can do anywhere.

Take a look at the videos below and let us know what you think.

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The second video definitely spoke to me. Gave me some new stretches for relaxation as well :)
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