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Buick has High Hopes for the Envision's US Sales

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The Buick Envision is bearing much of the tri-shield brand's hopes for sales growth in the US market for this year.
Sales fell 2.6% last year in a market that grew 5.7% overall. The midsize crossover is being called the biggest entry by Buick since the Encore subcompact was introduced three years ago. If the vehicle's performance in China is any indication, the Envision should do quite well in the US.

The Buick Envision has been nothing short of an absolute success in China. In 2014, 150,000 units were sold in China. Buick chief Duncan Aldred said that the Envision is "the most important vehicle in China in terms of volume and image."

As the Envision moves to the US, it will fill out the Buick lineup occupying the space between the smaller Encore and the larger Enclave. The midsize crossover segment grew nearly 13% last year, 2nd only to midsize sedans.

Given the popularity of the segment, Buick is counting on the Envision to be a volume seller with Aldred going so far as to say that the new crossover will be "segment leading."
That would have it outselling strong competitors like the Audi Q5 and the Acura RDX. Such a feat would see Envision sales surpassing 50,000 units a year, though IHS Automotive is predicting somewhere around 38,000 units in 2017 instead.

GM isn't sweating the Envision's dubious title of first US market vehicle imported from China, and they are likely right in not paying that much attention. As long as Mr. Trump does not turn it into a campaign issue, everything should be fine.
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It's going to come down to marketing for Buick. Sure the crossover segment has become bey popular lately but that just means more competition from other auto companies for this market.
Marketing will be big, but I also think that having a fuller lineup should do them some good. People can go in looking for a vehicle and be sure to find the right size and fit instead of having Buick be fraught with holes in its lineup.
Marketing is part of it, the fact they have a solid product sets the pace since with good marketing and a bad product you'll get no where.
Well it's supposed to slot perfectly between the Encore and the Enclave so Buick will have a size for everyone. Will it do as well as they're hoping? We'll have to see and they've set themselves a resonable goal of 50,000 units a year.
It's reasonable but on the high end of reasonable. That is like an aspiration goal, not a prediction of what they will actually sell.
But that's what these figures usually come down to anyway, they factor in what they could potentially sell and often times brands meet or exceed them.
Well, many brands do meet them, but not Buick lately. So there is a bit more on the line with this statement from Buick.
For sure. They have their own goals and internal numbers. What ever they release to the public is what they probably know they can easily get to.
For sure. They have their own goals and internal numbers. What ever they release to the public is what they probably know they can easily get to.
I'm not so sure. Analysts are expecting less than what Buick says their goal is. It'll be interesting to see how it pays out.
yeah at the end of the day it will all play out and depending on what they do to the Envision we'll get a sense of how that went
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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