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Buick is Doing Great, Outsold Cadillac By 50,000 Units Last Year

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Buick is quite happy with its recent results in terms of sales. In 2015 Buick set its third straight global record with more than 1.2 million sales. Seven new products should be on sale by 2018 too, so the brand is not resting on its laurels.

What I find interesting though is the fact that Buick outsold Cadillac by 50,000 sales last year. Buick is doing better than Cadillac, but I'm not sure that the general public knows that. If Buick is counted as a premium brand, it is the fourth best selling in America.

And Buick achieved that mark with just five vehicles in its lineup, a wee fraction of the number BMW, Mercedes, and Lexus deploy to take the top three spots. With the Envision ideally placed to take a big bite out of the 122,000-unit gap between Buick and third-place Lexus, Aldred says his brand “has earned a halo car.” The Avista concept could be it.
Buick Avista Concept Dissected: Design, Powertrain, and More ? Feature ? Car and Driver
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Word on the street is, we won't be seeing the halo car Avista so we may not be necessarily wowed by Buick's future models. The Envision is great but they'll need to keep the momentum up with newer designs, newer tech, and try to engage the other age groups.
It might just be put off for now. By doing that publically it takes the weight off of them. Fact remains its going to compete in a segment that is growing and has a good amount of buyers. Plus in the future they could see potential to see it in China as well as United States and where ever else applies.
What's odd is that the Buick Cascada demand is exceeding supply. That thing looks hideous but I guess it's contributing to Buick's increase of units sold.
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It sure is.

One thing to take away here is that Buick is creating good products in the segments it competes in which is a big factor to success overall. I can't say the same thing about Cadillac, even with the changes they made, overall they still seem to be lacking, don't yet know what will position themselves properly.
Maybe Cadillac's square design is just not that attractive anymore compared to Buick. Not quite sure why they aren't selling as much but their low sales does make them feel more exclusive.
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