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Buick Patents 'Exceed' Badge for New Luxury Trim Package

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Buick has protected the rights to the 'Exceed' badge along with the names Lacrosse Exceed and Encore Exceed. That suggests that a new lineup of Exceed vehicles is under development. The Exceed badge will likely denote a luxury package.

GM also protected the 'Essence' name, which is a nod to the Buick Park Avenue Essence Concept from 1989, and will likely be the name of yet another new trim level coming to the Buick lineup.

Except the rest of the Buick lineup to join the Lacrosse and Encore as names protected by Gm in conjunction with the Exceed moniker.
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If it ends up being something like Infiniti's Premium Select package (or better) then i'll seriously consider this, they just need to make sure there's enough wow factor going on.
Buick could really benefit from a high luxury package. As long as it doesn't touch Cadillac's territory it is a good thing for GM/Buick.
I agree. They definitely won't and shouldn't get into Cadillac territory, too high up, there already is room for Buick to move up gradually, they're not that close to Buick.
Think they'll come out with a Exceed variant for the Envision?
Don`t see why not, it can help in attracting people from brands that already offer that level of luxury. At this point Buick needs all they can get in getting new customers and changing how people think about the brand.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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