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Buick Trying To Be More Approachable

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Max Greenfield, most of us know him from TV shows like New Girl and movies like The Big Short. Well now, Envision shoppers and owners will know him from a series of Buick ads titled “Hands”, “Center of Attention” and “Personal Driver.”

Following their ad series starring actress/comedian Ellie Kemper earlier this year, Buick wanted to continue the momentum and create a new series that is just as dorky and maybe even relatable to a wider audience.

"They're both spot-on for the Buick brand. They both really embody the values of our brand: warm, likeable, funny and smart, with wide appeal," said Molly Peck, Buick’s marketing director.

Greenfield, a wood chopping and thumb wrestling enthusiast helps highlight the Envision’s hands free feature in the first ad. His beautiful actor hands needs to be kept in pristine condition and that’s where the hands free lift gate comes in.

His second and third ads are just as cheeky while still managing to promote the vehicle’s many features including the heated front and rear seats and the center armrest that opens with a push of a button. These are just what Buick needs to shake off their dull and uninspired image from the old "That's a Buick?" ads.

Watch the new Buick Envision ads yourselves and let us know what you think.

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This is a good way to go. Hopefully they're going beyond just getting these people into their own promotions but also putting these into TV shows or where ever the target demographic will have their eye balls on.
I like these better than the commercial with the baby (not that I don't like babies)
As amusing as these commercials are, it makes me wonder which age group Buick was trying to target with them.
Looks like these were targeting individuals late 20's+ with an active lifestyle, which also taps into the demographic that will get a family going soon, so in a way you can see how it double dips demographics.
Late twenties/early thirties. They're trying to take people away from thinking that Buicks are for 65+ years olds, (I don't agree with that) but a lot of people do.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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