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Hello everyone,

My wife & I recently purchased a Certified Pre-Owned ‘21 w/ 9,400 miles. We think we got a reasonable deal (by today’s standards) and we were able to use $1,000 GM bucks from our GM credit card. I believe you can redeem unlimited GM bucks on a new car but only $1,000 on a CPO. I’m generally a new car guy but pickins are definitely slim these days. My wife is apparently going to try to spend our way to a free Cadillac Lyric over the coming years :)

$47,200 Original window sticker MSRP (Ebony/Ebony Avenir AWD w/ Roof & Tech II package)
$41,700 Dealer's asking price for CPO w/ 9,400 miles
$41,000 Our negotiated price
-$1,000 GM bucks redeemed from GM credit card
$40,000 + $1700 tax + $400 doc fees = $42,100 Out-The-Door
(feels like a lot for a used car, but she is a beauty!)

Since it was a CPO, it comes with a couple free oil changes and adds 1 yr/12,000 miles to the original bumper-to-bumper warranty (based on in-service date) as well as changes the powertrain/roadside warranty from 5 yr/60,000 to 6 yr/100,00. The warranty ends up being fairly similar to if we’d have bought new. Since it was built pre chip-shortage, all its features are working which is nice. I hope anyone waiting for chips gets them soon. I’ve never bought a CPO car before but we’ve already driven 1,000 miles and it’s been great so far- fingers crossed!

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Has anyone priced the 2023’s on Buick’s website? After you "Build & Price" you'll notice they’ve added $1,500 for a mandatory 3 year On-Star subscription. The new MSRP for a car spec'd like ours in 2023 is up to $48,700, yikes.

Take care,
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