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Considering a Purchase

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My mom is looking to get a new car and is considering a crossover. I consider my self a car guy and my family has always had GM vehicles. I try to buy “American” and I don’t care if this is made in China and I’m not trying to start discussion. Her current car is a 2005 Bonneville GXP (that I talked her into) that she bought new and it has 98k and she is looking for a change and something higher for easier access. She (behind my back) went and test drove a new Escape yesterday and really liked it but still wants to try other models. Over the summer my wife, my two year old and I rented a brand new with 9 miles Envision Essence for a week and put over 1,000miles. They tried to give me a Jeep Patriot and I refused and they offered the Buick, how they are classified as the same vehicle class is beyond me. At first I was not impressed with the vehicle, the styling was rather boring and the 2.5 was sluggish compared to my personal vehicle and the seats were rather flat. Over the week, I came to appreciate the size (not too big not too small) the proximity key with auto lock, the hands free lift gate, the headhunt, and comfortable quiet highway ride. Overall, I was very impressed with the vehicle. My biggest complaints were the black plastic wood dash, the weak base engine, low air vents and the climate control touch pad. So getting down for my reason for posting, since this is still a somewhat newer vehicle and not many online reviews, I am looking for owners reviews of this vehicle. I have probably read every thread in this forum over the past few months, but still I feel a lacking. If this were to be my car I would definitely go for a Premium 2 as I have had HUD for the past 18 year and don’t know how to live without it. I also love ventilated seats. In th past my mom keeps her cars for 10-12years so I think the 2.5 may be more economical for the long haul but I feel the 2.0T is the better driver and has more safety features than the Essence. I really appreciate everyone’s feedback as I feel this would be an almost perfect fit for her, and with the end of the year deals right now she could afford to get one.
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