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Dealer Lost Driver 1 Key Fob

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I need to some help regarding replacement key fob dealer ordered due to their loss of the preassigned Driver 1 key fob. The replacement key fob shows driver number three. Key fob Driver Number 2 is the one that survived not being lost by the dealer. Now the Driver 1 on the door panel does not have a matching key fob (except it lost in a dealership person desk) how can I get the new Key fob they ordered to have Driver Memory settings. These key fobs work different than the Ignition Key type that have chips. These Key Fobs come from the factory preset as Driver 1 and Driver 2. I need some instructions on how to update the "replacement" key fob to work with Door Panel Driver 1 memory settings. There has to be some way to change the Key Fob Driver Number. Or I need to have the Door Panel Driver 1 changed to driver 3. Of course there would be a mismatch on the memory settings with the door panel driver number. The dealer has not been able to resolve the problem so I need some real help. Does the Buick factory have a technical support department that might could help me resolve the key fob problem of only two Key Fobs but they are preset as Driver 2 and Driver 3. No way to save memory settings for Driver 3 since there is not a 3 on the door panel.


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Any update on this problem? Dealer should have fixed this immediately, whatever was required to do so. Hope it's fixed by now.
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