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DIC question

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Yesterday I test drove an Envision. Looking at the Information in the dash, I did not see the speed limit for the street I was driving on. Having driven other GMC products I know I have seen such information close to the display that shows the current speed. Is this missing on the Envision or is it a software upgrade that may be needed?
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Late model GM vehicles have a programmable display where you select what info you want to page through. The mph may not have been selected. My wife likes the digital speedometer on our old Terrain too.

Both our Acadia and Envision have heads up display so that is what we use now instead of thr dash display.
Aside from the HUD, I think the speed limit is just displayed in the navigation.

Well, I did not purchase the one I test drove, but they sent out for the color of my choice. When it arrived the "road speed limit" was displayed!! I'm a happy camper. Thanks
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