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Anybody have a solution to this problem yet? 2016 Envision.
The rubber door seal that is affixed to the frame is blocking the actual door drain holes. After each rain, i have to open my doors and let them drain!

Dealer offered any solution???
Same problem with a 2017, and nope, no solution from the dealer :mad:. I have had four different people in service (all claiming they have never heard of this) promising to "talk to the GM rep" when he comes in. One guy from the body shop even took a bunch of pictures of the area in question. Nothing. No feedback. I have, at times, drained a half-cup or more out of each door after a rain - as much as a day after a rain. To make matters worse, here in central VA, I have had a couple of occasions where there is a rain at night and then the temperature goes below freezing. Next morning, a rattle starts in the bottom of the door from a chunk of ice when it pops loose. Not real happy.
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