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What are your opinions about stinky Buicks and other vehicles?

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I'm trying to remove this kick plate to see if there is access to the A/C drainage tube. Having the ol' stinky wet floor and mold issue and I guess it's a clogged tube. Seen some vids about similar Buicks and that seems to be the issue and the general location of the tube.

I got the bolt cover off and took the bolt out, then clicked two retainers off near the bottom of the plate. When I get to that portion of the plate where it has that smiley face area (see photo), it is stuck pretty good. Pulling it hard will probably crack the plate. Anybody out there have any experience with the removal of that plate and my issue with a wet floor in general? Passenger side is wet also. Any schematics or experience with this would help. I have a pretty good Hoover floor/carpet cleaner to get to the carpet when it is fixed - got any recommendations for a cleaning solution, such as white vinegar plus a secret ingredient? Helping a senior neighbor and she is having issues with foggy windows from the excess water and also a stinky Buick - no good!
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