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Envision Pricing Announced

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Received an email from Buick today with the Envision pricing. Available Fall 2016.

Base: $34,990
Convenience: $36,795
Leather: $38,645
Premium I: $43,245
Premium II: $45,885

Since I pulled this off my phone I've not really been able to look too deep into what options the different trims provide. Must say my initial reaction was that the "loaded" price was more than I thought, or maybe just hoped, it would be. Will be looking forward to hearing more potential buyers thoughts as they find their way to this site.
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When I looked at the Buick web site I saw the above trims and pricing was for the 2017 model year. They had also had the below listed pricing for the 2016 model year for the Premium I & II trims.

Model Year 2016
Premium I: $42, 995
Premium II: $45,635
What will help is looking into the details of what's included in said trim, then comparing that to the competition since that will go a long way in seeing how much value you're really getting out of that money. Who knows the competition could be selling a package for just as much with more/better things to offer.
Hmm, for the price of the base Envision I can buy a fully loaded GMC Terrain Denali, or start looking at Audi Q5s or loaded Audi Q3s. I think the pricing is a bit ambitious. Dealer discounts will be needed to make the Envision viable, in my opinion. I envision a whole lot of discounts not long after these are launched.
We should note that the 2017 Buick Envision will start at roughly $10,000 less than the 2016 model by adding two lesser trim levels with a new base engine — the 2.5L I-4 LCV — along with front-wheel-drive.
I guess if anyone doesn't want the premium trim, wait til 2017 models. lol

Here's the site which lists the differences:

That's almost always the case with new cars, having to wait a big longer than the original release for the really good stuff to come to market. Not often do they release all the good stuff right away and being Buick my expectations were set low enough.

Are you going to wait or consider an alternative?
Nothing wrong with waiting a while. From what I've been reading, most vehicles have problems and the first buyers are sort of beta testers for the new cars. They'll report the problems and the manufacturer will fix them in the next batch of cars. So if you buy one later, you'll save a bit of money and you'll be getting a vehicle with a few less bugs to deal with.
Indeed, it's perfectly normal and the best way to approach owning a vehicle in its first generation. Often i hear of folks giving a year for vehicles to get better, it's a good rule of thumb to follow.
Since there is such a small price difference between the Premium I and II trims for the 2016 and 2017 model year, you may as well wait for the newer model year before getting the Envision.

Unless your dealership is reducing the older model year's Envision price in an effort to make room for the new one.
Would anyone here consider the Chrysler Pacifica over this Buick? With how nice it is (just about all the information you need is out right now) I can only imagine more and more people moving from something like this to the Pacifica, or at least shoot it up their priority list.
Depends on the trim of the Pacifica and how much the overall cost would be. It is pretty nice but I'd wait for the 2017 Buick and do a comparison then. Also, there's an extra row of seats some Envision potential owners may not need.
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