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Failure of Active Safety Control Module

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Just wondering if anyone else has had this failure. Driving my first generation Buick Envision with 68,000 and had my first problem - "Service Driver Assist System" came up on the dashboard. Brought it to my mechanic who could not service it. So took it to the dealer who struggled to determine what was wrong. Had the car for three days, working with GM's "Help Desk" where the first came up with a camera failure that had lost its software. After they got a camera from another dealership two states away and installed it, the problem persisted that they could not download the software. Because that persisted, they determined that the Active Safety Control module had failed as it would not take the software. Fortunately, they had it in stock. Once they replaced it and downloaded the software, everything returned to normal (the original camera was put back in and worked fine).

As you might imagine, I paid a lot of money for all that time on the car. They did not make me pay for three days of work, but they did make me pay for one (they ate the other days). I do like this dealer as they are a small town dealer which is very honest and trying to survive in this difficult industry and they did not make me pay for all the problems they had. It seems this is pretty rare so I was wondering if anyone else on this board had this problem? Thanks.
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