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Feel shimmy when accelerating while turning

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2017 envision awd when I turn and accelerate I feel a shimming in the accelerator pedal does it more on right hand turns but have felt it on left hand turns also. Dealer couldn’t feel it has anyone else experienced this
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I have an '18 and have the sensation of a wobble or shimmy on low speed turns and acceleration, through about 20-25 MPH. I have my car serviced with the dealer and over time have come to trust the service manager for both his attention and honesty. I recently left the car for a day and he concurred (there is a service bulletin out on this as well and there are more posts in this forum with additional information) that there is an issue. They ordered the parts (short drive shafts in the front wheels I believe) and the car will receive this update once they receive the parts. Suggest you continue to push back with the dealer, research additional media here on the forum and on the internet so you have additional leverage when you bring it back again with the same issue. Mike at my dealership was not familiar with the issue until my email request to him, he researched it, then they kept the car for the day I brought it in for regular maintenance. Upon return of the loaner, he stated they would be changing the shafts that he had to order once the dealer receives them. So I do believe you probably are experiencing the same issue.
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I have a 2017 Envision bought in April 2019. 2 months after my purchase, I too had this shimmy/vibration problem.
The dealership instantly new of the service bulletin and it was repaired. Both sides of the drive shaft were replaced.
So now it's 2 years later and I again am having the same sensation/problem. After contacting the dealership for an appt, I was told that all future repairs/replacements to this same problem, will be my responsibility since my warranty ran out 3000 miles ago. I will find out next week the repair/replacement costs. Other than this problem, I really love the car. But I feel this should fall under a recall or something, especially since this seems to be a reoccurring problem for me and apparently others.
We have a 2018, this started shortly after ownership (purchased new) the dealer knew what it was and ordered the half shafts for the front. Once the new were installed the problem went away.
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