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2021 Buick Envision ST AWD
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Glad I found this group. Have had for 12 months (trouble-free too!!) a 2021 Buick Envision Preferred ST AWD w/ the Comfort & Convenience Pkg in Cinnabar Red. Stereo is decent, love the big 10.3" screen, and the cloth heated sport seats are quite comfortable in all kinds of weather. As I'm in San Diego, only have used the AWD a few times in heavy rain. Am quite confident that the AWD will work great in snow as well. It's not a Jeep, but it is way more comfortable & efficient for my needs. Really am liking this car!!

I've only made one minor modification. I took the paper air filter out & replaced w/ a K&N Air filter, using the original factory air box. I get an average of 26.5mpg in mixed driving. Very happy w/ that considering the size, power, & comfort of the vehicle.

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