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Greetings from Alberta Canada

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New owner of 2017 Envision Premium II (love the HUD). Also owner of Buick Enclave. I guess we're "Buick people" ;-)
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Welcome to the forums. Definitely Buick people haha. How long have you had the 17 Envision for?
Welcome! Aren't you excited for the Enclave to come out?
2017 Envision is brand new last month. And luckily we like the existing Enclave better than the new one announced this week. Particularly wrt the interior.
I know it's new but are you happy with the mileage l/100km that you actually get in Canadian conditions? I am in Quebec.
It's too soon for me to tell yet. It's pretty bad so far but I also think that the dealer put in regular gas. Will try with premium.

And I'm using a ODBLink MX (bluetooth version) with Dash.by to measure the fuel efficiency.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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