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Headlight Swap

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We have a 2018 Envision Premium. Suffice to say we would prefer the HID or LED headlights. Has anyone swapped out and upgraded the headlight system? Can it even be done? Any projected costing to expect?
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This is the update I received on further research (originally found this company on YouTube). When I looked to see how easy they are to get at I realized this looks like a bigger job than first thought and have not as yet found an illustration that indicates how to get the bulbs out and in. This looks similar to the 2007 Equinox we had. To change the bulbs was a very big deal and very time consuming, remove part of the grille, disconnect the light housings (metric and standard fasteners) etc. But if anyone else is looking to do the same the details are below and I am assuming the lights are 5X as bright.


Hello Mark,

What I would recommend for your Buick is the GTR Lighting 55w Smart PWM Single Beam Slim HID Conversion Kit - 5th Generation. This kit is about 5,000 lumens compared to the 1,000 lumens that the halogens would make. it also has a lifetime warranty.

Thank you for contacting us with your questions.

On Wednesday, October 17, 2018 at 1:50 AM, [email protected] wrote:

> HI, I have a new 2018 Buick Envision Premium with Halogen Projectors dual filament bulbs. I find them to be inferior to the Halogen Projectors (dual bulb set up) in the '14 Equinox we traded in, especially the high beams which were reflector style. Are there better options available for the Buick that can be swapped out? Thank you Mark
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Update 04/12/20 I ordered and received a pair of Diode Dynamics LED Headlamp Bulbs, I am waiting for the NJ weather to warm up a bit to install them. I will let you know how they work out. I was told they are plug and play that the car can accept without any peripheral devices. They cost me about $150, I would say from research above the mean but not the most expensive out there.

Hi/Lo Beam LED Headlights for 2016-2020 Buick Envision (pair)
SKU: DD0340P
Bulb Model
SL1 (1630 lumens, Street Legal Output)
Scratch this - On November 24th I received a recall notice from Diode Dynamics dated November 6th. It seems the LED headlamps they sold me that fit the Buick Envision that were supposed to be street legal do not meet the National Highway Traffic and Motor Vehicle Safety Act standards. Thus, they are offering, get this, halogen replacements for the LED's they sold me for $150. See a copy of the recall letter attached. I told them I do not think that is a fair swap, cheap halogens for $150 LED's and am writing the Director of the NHTSA and Honorable Senator Cory Booker for starters on why the NHTSA is not making Diode Dynamics refund customer who return the bulbs. The letter size saved as a pdf is bigger than this site allows you to upload but I was able to snip the pdf and save it as a jpg and clipped it in below: 'Important Safety Recall #20E-077'

I also snipped a portion of the email order confirmation I received, note the words..."Bulb Model: SL1 (1630 lumens, Street Legal Output)"

I am not willing to accept a pair of inexpensive Halogens when I paid $150 for their Street Legal Output LED's.


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