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Just bought my 4th Buick.Started with an Enclave Demo. It was a LEMON. It was my 3rd car from the same dealership. I buy cars based on the comfort of the driver's seat. There was "something" wrong with the seat and it took me many complaints and pestering the Sales and Business people for months, but they finally got me a new Enclave which I loved. Due to the size of the Enclave and hip and back problems, I had to get a car. So, I got a 2014 LaCrosse. LOVED LOVED LOVED that car. Only 32,000 miles on it but I really wanted another SUV. So I got a 2022 Envision Avenir a week ago. So far I am in love with it. That Sapphire blue is sooo sexy and those Whisper Beige leather seats are almost white. Did I say I LOVE IT? There are only two things that I am not happy with. There is NO sunglass holder and the cup holders are too short. The first time I turned the corner my 12 oz water bottle tipped forward. And a Sonic medium cup was not secure. So now I am trying to find a "fix". If anyone else has found this to be a pet peeve, let me hear from you, especially if you have a solution.

I am hoping this is the only complaint I have for years to come. It is definitely Not my Dad's Buick!
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