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With the colder weather coming on here in central Illinois, I noticed that when I was out in my 17 Envision Essence, that the heated seats would come on without me purposefully turning them on. According to page 151 of my 17 Owners manual, in the "Vehicle Personalization" section, there is the ability "to enable the heated seats to turn on after pressing ENGINE START/STOP when is is cold outside." You can select either on or off for this feature. I'm not sure what temperature is required for this to happen, it's not mentioned in the owners manual. At first I thought something was wrong, I was constantly shutting off the heated seats, but now that it is colder, it is quite nice, even to the point I sometimes don't use the heat. I believe it works for the rear seats at the same time. This feature requires that you have heated seats at a minimum. (For those who think I'm slow to find my cars features, I just bought my NEW 17 Envision Essence this past August)
1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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