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First and foremost it took me 2 weeks just to get used to and over the sticker on the car after I saw it at the dealership. $45K+ for the Premium I is the most I have spent on a car ever. I think back to my Mustang II I had that cost 4,852 but that was some time ago.

Our impression of the vehicle is it is very premium in the look, touch and feel as well as the driving experience. The ride is smooth and quiet, the car is extremely solid. The styling in and out is contemporary and clean with little retro touches here or there (the clock, some buttons). I feel like I am driving a rock literally, no rattles, very composed, doors clunk with a close and everything just feels stepped up. Where the Equinox was nice, leather, drove well, lots of power, v6, it still was less refined and in comparison was spartan for the top of the line of that model. So I would yes it is a luxury vehicle but perhaps less so than a Cadillac, Lexus or Infinity and at a better price point with more value built in. Although, my friend Jack likes our Envision better than his new Lexus SUV and he didn't even think of Buick. Too bad the cars are equivalent and he would have saved $20K.
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