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It's annoying to always have to be pressing the "check" button

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I find it annoying that when I hop in the car for a quick drive I always have to press the "check" button in the middle of the steering wheel right side controls to dismiss the "you are driver 1...." message in the center of the instrument panel. Or "Icy driving conditions" - whatever it wants to warn about. It should time-out and disappear automatically within a minute or two of you starting the vehicle but it doesn't. I've driven for maybe 10-15 mins to see if will ever go away before I get so pissed off that I just press the button to dismiss it.

I hope they fix with a s/w update in the future.
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On vehicles equipped with keyless/passive start, the vehicle will start if the fob is placed in the fob pocket.

In most cases, these concerns cannot be duplicated.
The above systems use Radio Frequency (RF) to transmit information. Some aftermarket devices cause Radio Frequency Interference (RFI), which can "jam" the radio frequency being transmitted.
Listed below are a number of aftermarket devices that can cause RFI. In many cases, these types of devices will be attached to the customer's key ring and could be removed from the key ring or from inside the vehicle when the customer drops the vehicle off for service.

  • Vehicle immobilizer keys from other vehicles
  • Keyless access transmitters from other vehicles
  • Interstate/bridge toll passes
  • Gate/door passes to allow access to pools, driveways, entry doors, etc.
  • Community/parking access cards
  • Fuel station speed passes
  • Building access swipe cards/ transponder devices
Additional items to be aware of:

  • market LED dome, tail, turn, stop, strip, floor, door, Logo, head lights In many cases, when the LED lighting is turned on it can interfere with a RF signal. Example, RKE inoperative after the first fob button press. When the RKE fob button is pressed the dome lights may turn on, which if equipped with an aftermarket LED dome light, it can interfere with any additional fob button presses.
  • Certain cell phone chargers
  • USB power banks
  • USB flash lights
  • Fans (12 volt or 110 volt)
  • Any type of USB, 12 volt or 110 volt chargers
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