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Love my Envision

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Summer 2018 I got a great deal on a new 2017 Envision leftover dealer demonstrator and love the car. It has the features and the ride I wanted. After having the car for 2 months my only negative comments were that I missed the width of my previous SUV and the unrelenting auto-stop feature. Well, the slightly narrower width turned out to be a blessing driving to work in the narrow overcrowded streets in the town where my office is located and where I have to continually dodge city buses, commercial vans and snow banks. On long trips I just adjust my power seat to suit me and the ride overall is great. The highway mpg is great too! The auto-stop feature however I find annoying. I have already found a solution to counter that feature on this forum and will move forward on that. Glad I found this forum:smile2:
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