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Massage seat Driver side

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My Buick Avenir 2022 came equipped with massage on the driver passenger seat. Latelly it seems as if one of the airbags that do the massaging function inside the seat is leaking air when inflated. Has anyone had this issue too? I also notice the cooling of the seats is not good at all compared with previous GM vehicles I have owned.

I found out there is a TSB

2022 Buick Envision seats TSB (Bulletin 22-NA-050)
Bulletin Date:Mar. 28, 2022
Bulletin Summary:This service bulletin provides information for dealers/technicians on changes to front heated and/or ventilated seats, and second row outboard heated seats for certain 2022 passenger car, crossover, SUV, and truck models equipped with rpo 0

Does anyone know what this TSB is about?


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pretty sure this tsb is regarding vehicles that didn't receive front heat/ventilated seats and rear heated seats due to the chip shortage. I picked up a 2022 envision avenir and the heated and ventilated seats are to be retrofitted at a later date when the chips are available. You can see it mentioned on the TSB on the important section:

Important: Vehicles designated with RPO: 00V and/
or RPO: 00R are planned to have a future update to
enable the Front Heated/Ventilated Seat and/or Rear
Outboard Heated Seat feature. Vehicles designated
with RPO: RGJ will NOT be eligible for retrofit in
relation to rear heated seats (but will be eligible in
relation to front heated or ventilated seats). Do Not
attempt to enable this content apart from official
direction for retrofit.
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