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Hello All!

I'll start! What have you done to your car lately? Here are some things I have done to personalize/customize/improve? the car, and some other ideas for later:

• Installed a Buick Approved Thinkware 4K Dash Camera System w/OBD/PAC/IGN Cables (Bought mine from the Dealer parts department, but saw it later for $100 less on line) - Also known as the U1000. I also added the Thinkware Radar Module. I made a separate post about the install.
• Buick Emblem Valve Caps
• Wheel Lock set
• 10.2" Glass Screen Protector
• Deer Whistles (Needed for country roads)
• Road Safety Kit
• Small outside blind spot mirrors (I have to see for myself)
• Some small Beige Towels
• First Aid Kit
• Leather Key Fob Protector
• Center Console Tray
• Safety Triangle (The trunk tray has a slot for it by the spare tire @right side)
• 2x Small Umbrellas
• Protective headlight film
• Unbuckled the center rear seat belt. I did not like the look of it being there twisted. There is just my wife and I. We have never used center rear seat in many years of driving. After unbuckling, it was moved out of the way and clipped it to a back seat child anchor
... and you can always put the seat belt back when needed. (See Pictures)

• I did try replacing the front dash speakers/tweeters (the highs are not crisp enough for me) with: a set of Pioneer TS-A709 or Hertz DT 24.3 Tweeters. I tried them both; and they sound OK, BUT both sets need to be amplified to really get good sound out of them. I don't want to add any amplifiers right now, so I put the factory speakers back. Those front dash speaker grills DID NOT want to come off peacefully! Pro Tip: If you buy from Crutchfield, you get some install parts and the master build sheets free!

• If I add amplified tweeters; since I have to remove the door panels to do that, I would look at adding the marker lights and puddle lights then...

• I am also thinking about possibly adding some marker and puddle lamps to all 4 doors like I did with my Equinox. (See Pictures) I got the power for these LEDs by tapping the dome lights over the passenger doors.

• Keep in mind if you want to add a sub woofer (See Equinox sample in Pictures - I probably will not add one to the Envision this time), the low frequencies may interfere with the active noise cancellation (ANC). ANC is done with the 4 small round microphones - each one is located over a door. I had to disable the 4 ANC microphones when I added a Sub to the Equinox. If you tap the front dash speakers for the Highs (tweeters) you may need a ground loop isolator to filter car high frequency electrical noise, and a line level adapter if you want to connect to the amplifier RCA inputs. I have done several GM sound system builds (including Bose) before. The frequencies are there, the installed paper speakers from the factory just can't reproduce them.

• The Gen 3 Prius had a kit to add turn signal LEDs to the outside mirrors for USA Spec Prius cars. I checked Ali Express and eBay, they do not have such a kit for 2021+ Buick Envision at this time. I checked with the vendors that do sell replacement LED lights for (Chinese Version Envisions - See Pictures) that have mirror turn signal LEDs. These vendors do not want to bother building a kit to retrofit USA spec Envisions.

What are some of your ideas?

View attachment 2275

View attachment 2272
• Chinese Envision Outside Mirror

View attachment 2278
• How To Disconnect Center Rear Seatbelt.

View attachment 2279
Looks Much Better! :)

View attachment 2280
• Sample Marker and Puddle Lamp Install on my old Equinox.

View attachment 2281
• Sample Sub and Amplifier Install on my old Equinox.
What did you do with the belt once disconnected in the rear center?
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