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More Affordable Buick Envision Coming As 2017 Model

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Good news everyone! Buick’s 2016 Envision may start at $42,995 but three lower cost models will arrive this fall as 2017 models.

The 2016 Buick Envisions are already in production and they’ll hit the U.S. market in two trim levels. These two trims will come with all-wheel drive as and sport a 252 horsepower 2.0-liter turbo four-cylinder engine under the bonnet. In order to compete with similarly priced models in the segment like the Audi Q5 and BMW X3, Buick has loaded up the Envision with plenty of luxury features.

Starting at the bottom is the Premium I model which starts at $42,995. Standard features for this trim includes leather upholstery, remote start, heated seats and steering wheel, and safety features like blind-spot and forward-collision warning.

For a few thousand more, you can get the Premium II model which starts at $45,635 and you’ll get a few additional standard features like the head-up display, automatic park assist, HID headlights, ventilated seats and navigation. If these features aren’t enough to satisfy your luxury cravings, why not get the $1405 Driver Confidence Package that adds adaptive cruise control, 360-degree camera system, and automatic emergency braking to your vehicle.

Buick is releasing these two trims first because they assume the first wave of buyers are going to go for the highest trim anyways. Once the early shoppers have purchased their Envisions, Buick will release the more affordable 2017 Envision trims. It’ll be equipped with a 2.5-liter 4-cylinder engine and have front-wheel drive as standard. Pricing has not yet been released for the 2017 Envision but we should hear more later this year.
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Smart move to make since this lets them tap into segments which aren't luxury focused and give them an entry-level luxury SUV/Crossover to finally get into.

But now we have brands like Hyundai taking a hybrid approach of some luxury with the typical, so Buick could see some struggle their.

How many of you would consider getting this cheaper model?
Depends on what the more affordable models have. I don't mind a bit less power but i still want a luxury SUV interior.
Depends on what the more affordable models have. I don't mind a bit less power but i still want a luxury SUV interior.
Chrysler is a good move. The new Pacifica is what should appeal to those into Lexus, Buick and the like. It all depends on what luxurious features you want as well.
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