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The Envision is only the start -- apparently, we better get used to our Buicks coming from China, rather than the United States or Canada.

Surprised? Most Buick Vehicles Sold In The US After 2016 May Be Imported

Surprised? Most Buick Vehicles Sold In The US After 2016 May Be Imported

If these are genuinely GM’s plans, chances are the United Auto Workers (UAW) will declare war on the automaker.

According to two sources familiar with General Motors’ plans cited by Reuters, most Buick vehicles sold in the United States after 2016 could be imported from China and Europe.

Of the entire Buick US lineup, only two future models are expected to be built in North America - the replacements for the mid-size LaCrosse sedan and the large Enclave crossover, according to the unnamed sources who work for companies that collaborate with GM.

The sources added that Buick is planning to shift production of the compact Verano sedan from Michigan to China in late 2016. Furthermore, manufacturing of the mid-size Regal sedan is likely to shift from Canada to either China or Europe in 2017.

On top of this, Buick is planning to import to the US two new models from overseas plants. The compact Cascada convertible will be imported early next year from Europe, while the Envision crossover will be imported from China in late 2016. The subcompact Encore crossover, which is already imported from Korea, is expected to shift to China as well.

The tendency of US automakers to shift more vehicle production to plants outside the United States is a burning topic in current contract talks with the United Auto Workers. While a Buick spokesman said the company does not comment on future product speculation, the UAW (predictably) strongly opposes the plans.

Cindy Estrada, head of the UAW’s GM department, said the automaker would be “tone deaf” to import vehicles from overseas “after the sacrifices by US taxpayers” and union concessions that helped create a profitable GM after the 2009 bailout.
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