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My Envision was parked in the street, minding its own business when this happened...

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Some a-hole crashed into it and took off. No one knows anything.

Thank goodness for insurance! Total repair bill: $16050.00

I was without it for nearly 5 weeks and finally got it back this past Wednesday. I was really tired of the rental I was stuck with, so it felt really good to drive it home from the repair dealership that was over 2 hours away. And I finally got to drive it through snow for the FIRST time since buying it last May. There was a street in my neighborhood that hadn't been plowed after we got about 6" of snow on Tuesday. Motored right through!
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Wow, sorry to hear that. Hopefully no rattles. It looks like it was a very hard hit and the car that hit you the only satisfaction you can have is that they have a ton of damage as well. Best of luck with it.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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