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My first new car purchase

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Hello all, I just today bought a 2020 Envision Preferred in Satin Steel Gray Metallic. This is my first and possibly last New car purchase. Happy to find a Forum for these. My other garage dwellers include a 2001 Custom Woody PT Cruiser (the Wife's ride), a 2007 KIA Sedona and two Kawasaki KLR 650 motorcycles. Tomorrow a Garage cleaning and re assigning of floor space will happen.:smile2:
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Hi congratulations and good luck. You are coming up on month 1 of ownership, ours turned 2 years old at the end of May we have about 26k miles on it now. I average 25.2 MPG in all around driving. We have a Premium I in Bronze and it has been the best car I have owned since I got my first in 77 a Mustang II V6. The Buick does everything well, is comfortable and safe. I hope the 2021 redesign is just an improved execution of an already high quality SUV.
Congratulations and good luck. Also bought mine in 2018, now has 31,000 miles after just over two years (bought essentially April 20, 2018). Average 24.8 mpg over the full 31,000 miles, recently averaging 25.6 mpg with the roads more empty now. No issues at all but I do keep my cars over 10 years and for nearly 200,000 miles if they hold up, and lately they have (Buick replaced a 12 year old Saab 9-3 with 190,000 miles running well except for a tree falling on it - sold it, was repaired, and now second owner has 210,000 miles on it). Also own a 2013 Subaru Legacy with 100,100 miles on it and plan to keep it another 5 years or so and sell it when it hits 190,000+ miles. So far no problems on any of the three cars worth mentioning.

My trick - I pick cars with proven power trains that have been built for at least four years. When you do that, particularly with brands like GM, Subaru, Toyota, and Honda you tend to get cars that can last a long time if you take care of them. Not a guarantee, but it improves the odds greatly.
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